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Problems that this world will not stop giving us

1. Your image library is full of images and screenshots from different humans’s conversations and lives that you do not always want engraved for your cellphone album for all time.

2. They’re SO distracting. “yes I recognize I must be doing the bathing up however Millie and Emily maintain sending the cutest pix of their dogs.”

3. While the rest of the organization speak approximately some thing and you’ve in reality no concept what they’re going on approximately, lifestyles is hard.

4. You get double FOMO from stuff you can not visit because no longer best do group plans get made on the chat, but the debrief goes down on it too.

5. It receives clearly awkward whilst different members begin bitching approximately some thing or someone you like. They move on a rant approximately mayonnaise? You are consuming chips ‘n’ mayo right now.

6. There’s usually one person that shares way too many details about genuinely the whole lot on there.

7. While two humans have a full on conversation within the group chat. DO you recognize WHAT TEXTING IS?

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