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Heart-warming Love Story

As soon as a boy fall in love with a college female. They were dating for two years. After some days boyfriend broke up with the girl. He said, ‘Love should not be this difficult.’
woman become crushed; girl felt like she lost the affection of her life and her high-quality friend. 3 months later, the lady were given a hazard to participate in beauty competition at her college. On the night time of the occasion, she turned into status on the level and she couldn’t see the gang because of all the vivid lighting fixtures. Each person clapped of her splendor.
She stepped off the stage to locate the triumphing cup. She turned into so nervous to get her winning crown! She became socked and her heart stop for a second. It was her ex-boyfriend! Standing in front of the road. Her eyes teared up. She did not even understand how badly she desired him to be there until the ultimate second.
At remaining the boy came to her and hugged every different for a minute. Then lady teased him, ‘you understand, you could’ve been visible me at the cease if you hadn’t been so silly.’ said it with a grin, and he smiled returned to her and said I really silly due to the fact i really like you so much.

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