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Group Chat Problems

1. Setting up anything in a collection chat is clearly impossible. It is like seeking to do mind surgical treatment with a hair clip. It simply does not take place.

2. Getting an early night time isn’t a component when you have 1,000,000 notifications pinging into your inbox every hour.

3. If you switch your smartphone off for 20 mins, the possibilities are you’ve got ignored 15 portions of critical records by the time you switch it returned on.

4. Ditto in case you do not study the messages as soon as they pop up. Plans have likely already changed by the time you do.

5. Waiting for an vital message from the boy you’re seeing is HELL, because whenever you watched it’s him it’s absolutely just Sandra telling the group approximately her baked potato.

6. Humans get really angry in case you study and do not respond. GOD damn YOU WHATSAPP AND YOUR DOUBLE BLUE TICK.

7. And but it’s a kick within the tooth once they don’t respond to you. Do they not care approximately the match guy at the tube?

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