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Cinematic Production Techniques

‘93% of marketers are the usage of video in their campaigns.’- (Source)




The use of drones (aerial video), time-lapse and floating ‘gimbal’ devices is turning into growing time-honored in expert Video Production. For those organisations who wish to stand out from the hundreds, or the ones generating ‘in-house’ video, the need to ‘raise your game’ has never been so vital. As such production strategies are actually extra accessible, the days of the all-too-not unusual stupid Corporate Video are unexpectedly disappearing. Consumers anticipate to be wowed and so the urge for food for cinematic experiences regardless of problem count number is robust.


‘ninety seven% of companies stated that their explainer video has helped increase person information of their products or services.’- (Source)


Interactive Video


‘Interactive Video’ in its maximum humble form has existed since the heady days of Adobe Flash. However, in the on-line space, beyond YouTube’s interactive buttons, this technology has struggled a touch to find form. Shamefully, no matter its availability and flexibility, the exercise of including interactive links to on line video, has been incredibly underutilised. Nowadays, as customers, we’re steadily becoming used to interacting with additional layers of records contained inside the video window – and as reputation grows further, and on-line formats consisting of HTML5 gives developers the scope to build new functionality (consisting of shopping baskets and product statistics…) the superiority of this will grow to be inevitable.

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